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Silicone antifoams   

(Silicone antifoams are extensively used where product or process foaming problems are encountered).

SOFEXSIL-310   Antifoam  Emulsion 30%  silicone  antifoam based on Antifoam Compound. Due to its high solid content  SOFEXSIL-310 can easily be diluted and formulated the required concentration. At relatively low concentration  SOFEXSIL-310 has a very efficient antifoaming and defoaming action.

SOFEXSIL-1165 Antifoam  White spirit  solution  of high  viscosity Polydimethylsiloxane

Antifoam  specifically  formulated  for  non-aqueous  foaming   processes.

Efficient  antifoam  for  crude  oil/gas  separation especially  at  high Gas Oil ratio

Effective at low concentrations, Ready to use, Good thermal stability Low surface tension.

SOFEXSIL-1520 Silicone Antifoam

Effective in hot or cold aqueous processes. Water dispersibl. Sterilisable

Free of raw materials derived from animals. Food contact approved .

SOFEXSIL- 7 Additive

Provides foam control and leveling/wetting aid in solvent-based ink and coating systems

Compatible with acrylic, alkyd, amide, epoxy, nitrocellulose, polyesters, polyurethane and vinyl systems


Water Repellent   is a water-dilutable solution of potassium methylsiliconate designed to impart water repellency to a wide variety of surfaces.

SOFEXSIL-40  Water Repellent for masonry surfaces. Reduces water absorption into the substrate, thus reducing spalling due to freeze-thaw and efflorescence, thereby increasing the life of the substrate. Colorless and non-yellowing protection preserves the natural appearance of the substrate. Penetrating and breathable. Low V OC. Nonflammable.

SOFEXSIL -40A Water Repellent.. For use on bricks, sandstone, limestone, and ceramics. Gypsum plasterboard, gypsum blocks treatments (hydrophobing). Imparts water repellency to a wide variety of substances.

Silicone fluid


   Polydimethylsiloxanes, Trimethylsiloxy Terminated Conventional fluids are the well-known general purpose silicones described in chemical notation as polydimethylsiloxanes. They are commercially produced in viscosities ranging from 0.65 to 2,500,000 cSt.


PolyDiethylsiloxanes, Triethylsiloxy terminated. Polydiethylsiloxanes (Sofexsil-PDES) offer improved metal-metal lubrication and low temperature properties when compared to polydimethylsiloxanes. They are oxidatively stable to 150°C and thermally stable under inert atmospheres to 225°C. These fluids are often used in low temperature aerospace hydraulics. 

SOFEXSIL -TSJ , Transformer Fluid is a polydimethylsiloxane liquid insulating material for power transformers. It provides a unique combination of dependable safety features and high-performance characteristics. is a dimethyl  silicone insulating material for power transformers. It provides a unique combination of dependable safety features and high-performance characteristics.

Antifoam Pulp is an antifoam emulsion of polydimethylsiloxane useful as anti-foam in aqueous solutions. For use in industrial applications only. It is particularly suited for high alkaline environments such as pulp mills and jet dying processes.

Cosmettic Fluid (Cetyl Dimethicone) is a linear polydimethylsiloxane with randomly distributed alkyl chains.


   SOFEX  supplies one of the broadest ranges of rheology and filtration controlling polymers for drilling and completion fluids as well as for cement slurries for oil, gas and geothermal wells.


   Drilling applications include Shale inhibition These multifunctional products also act as lubricity improvers and provide improved overall and directional drilling performance.

Drilling lubrication range of dispersants and emulsifiers can offer many distinct benefits over conventional oil-based dispersants Drilling foamers.

  Deep-well drilling Protective colloid, control water loss Oil & gas production applications include:

- Crude oil demulsification.

-Carrier fluids - production corrosion inhibitors is designed to protect metal components in oil and gas refineries from failure.


The  polysiloxane coating , a new technology that significantly enhances resistance to corrosion, heat, weathering and a wide range of chemicals.





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